Engaged and Public Anthropology

What anthropology can say on gender, migration and health in contemporary world?

Scientific coordination by Selenia Marabello

Technical and organisational committee: Alessandra Gribaldo, Giulia Consoli, Davide Falcone, Anna Iannone and Nicola Riccardi.

The EPA Project aims to initiate a debate between anthropology and other specialised knowledge, between different universities, for an impact on the topics of health, migration and gender relations.


Organisation of a workshop for health professionals, public decision-makers and also open to students of anthropological and health-related courses (in collaboration with MSF LuxOR – Medecins Sans Frontieres, Operational Research Unit, Brussels). Epidemiological, anthropological and medical approaches will be brought into dialogue for an interpretation of epidemics in the contemporary world.

Anthropology has paid particular attention to the elaboration of scientific communication and the production of inequality in relation to epidemic and pathological processes. Research has, in fact, already shown how social sense configurations of illness/illness influence the efficacy of health treatments, adherence to global and national treatment protocols, or guide decision-making processes. How can anthropological health research contribute to the scientific and public debate?


Head-Phones seeks to open up a space for confrontation between anthropology, sociology and history with a lateral, specific and dialogical gaze. The podcast initiates a debate between anthropology and other specialist knowledge for an impact on the topics of health, migration and gender relations.

The podcasts are an agile tool in the digital age of scientific dissemination and will make it possible to make anthropological expertise known on issues that are well present in the public debate with the intention of providing rigorous interpretative frameworks for targeted and far-sighted public action as well as contributing to the social recognition of the figure of the anthropologist, a figure accredited with the relevant public institutions as a profession without a register – DL 4/2013.

The EPA project, selected and financed by the Public Engagement 2022 funds of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, will involve several researchers* and studios* as well as colleagues* from the Laboratory of Ethno-Anthropology and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia with multidisciplinary skills, and will also avail of the support and collaboration of the LAMA laboratory, which will offer its equipment for the production of the podcasts. EPA had the patronage of the Italian Society of Applied Anthropology (SIAA), the Doctors for the Environment Association (ISDE) and the Modena University Hospital.