Bonds, reproduction and mobility boundaries

Scientific Coordination by Selenia Marabello

The project investigates the construction of ideas around motherhood and migrant/non-migrant bonds of asylum-seeking and refugee women. The project consolidates a line of research, already started in 2019, on the infrastructures of conviviality that unfold around reception centres and temporary domestic spaces for migrant mothers. The ethnographic research will focus, in particular, on the relationship between temporality and mobility boundaries. How are near time – fragmented and interrupted – and future time reconfigured for migrant mothers whose trajectories are twofold? Bio-historical time is affected by macro processes such as the closure of routes and the conditions of the journey that orient and shape, at least potentially, ideas – missed, realised or aspired to – of dignity, freedom, mobility and living together.


Framing Mobility and Motherhood

Janet Carsten (University of Edinburgh)

Generativity of Everyday Kinship and Relatedness: A Politics of Intimacy, Space, Ethics and Time


Mobility, body and solidarity in contemporary migration