Amateur audiovisual archives

and family memories

Scientific Coordination by Alessandra Gribaldo

The project intends to initiate a line of research concerning the anthropologically grounded reflection on home movies that has the capacity to interrelate with sociological and historical disciplines and with visuality studies. Family films can be read as forms of autoethnography and re-inscriptions of the social self that cross gender boundaries. Family and intimacy are well-known objects in anthropology, yet the visual document, with its record of memory and trace of historical time, proves to be an original field. The project provides opportunities for reflection and discussion on the meanings, functions and uses of audiovisual material filmed in the pre-digital era in non-professional and family contexts, starting with its archiving/digitisation.

Antropologia vs Home Movies

Ilaria Ferretti e Alessandra Gribaldo

Home movies: digitisation, uses, reuses, meanings, research

Alessandra Gribaldo (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia) and Mirco Santi (Home Movies)