About Us


Set up in 2004 under the direction of Fabio Viti and named Laboratory of Ethnology, the LEA- Laboratory of Ethno- Anthropology was reorganised in 2023. The LEA, which belongs to the Department of Linguistic and Cultural Studies of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, is currently co-directed by Alessandra Gribaldo and Stefano Boni and coordinated by Selenia Marabello.

The LEA is a research structure whose aim is to promote, realise and coordinate research activities in the field of ethno-anthropology and ethnography, promoting theoretical and methodological reflection and, at the same time, an interdisciplinary dialogue -not only in the humanities- on the level of research, teaching and public engagement. The Laboratory comprises researchers, scholars also belonging to other national and international research centres or universities as well as anthropologists professionally engaged outside the academic sphere with the idea of strengthening research networks and creating events and opportunities for exchange between academic and professional knowledge.

The LEA organises an annual series of seminars on the topics of ethnography and field research in anthropology. In parallel, it offers public engagement projects and interventions (podcasts, workshops, publications) on more specific research topics.